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Addiction Help

Sparks of Hope Mission

02 May 2018 | 0 comments



Sparks of Hope is a comfortable place in the Southtowns where people recovering from addiction can drop in for support, fellowship and spiritual guidance. It provides individuals and family members friendship and resources as they seek to maintain recovery from addiction. Coaches are available to help. Read More

The center is located at 107 Main Street in the Village of Hamburg (Hamburg United Methodist Church). The center serves people of all faith communities.

Whereas all faiths have people in their congregation affected by this drug epidemic, it seems fitting that we pool our efforts. Volunteers are needed, both recovery-trained volunteers and volunteers to man the center. Also needed are basic food/snack items, coffee, tea, water, etc.

If you can help or would like more information, please call Melissa at 662-9339 ext 145, or email her at


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